ISIS High Purity specialise in the supply of valves and ancillaries for high purity systems. We represent a number of leading valve and instrumentation manufacturers and we have a particular focus on demanding and highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, cosmetic and food sectors.

ISIS High Purity is the exclusive UK distributor for the ADCAPure range of valves and ancillaries that are manufactured by our long-term partner, Valsteam ADCA. Valsteam ADCA are EHEDG members and the ADCAPure range is designed and built to the latest ASME BPE valve standards and in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). The ADCAPure range as standard is supplied with FDA and USP Class VI sealing materials, and the surface finish (for product contacted area) is Ra ≤ 0.51 µm – SF1, with the external surface finish polished to Ra ≤ 0.76 µm – SF3.

The ADCAPure range specifically designed for use with pharma process fluids and clean utility mediums including clean steam, Purified Water (PW), Water for Injection (WFI) and gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and clean compressed air.

The ADCAPure range consists of six core product groups; sanitary pressure regulators, hygienic control valves, clean steam traps, hygienic safety relief valves, pipeline ancillaries and special equipment. Our industry leading range of sanitary pressure regulators boasts a broad range of valves including pressure reducing valves for applications with low flowrates, where we can supply the ADCAPure direct acting P130L pressure reducing valve, which is designed for high purity gases and is available in ½” to ¾” / DN08-DN20. Alongside the P130 series of hygienic pressure regulators for high purity gases, we also supply the P161 and P160G angle design type pressure reducing valves for clean steam, liquids and gases, which are available from ½”-2” / DN15-DN50 (P161) and 21/2”-3” / DN65-DN80 (P160G). The ADCAPure range also includes tank blanketing valves for low pressure applications where we can supply a pressure reducing type blanketing valve (BKR2/BKRi2) or a back pressure / pressure sustaining type blanketing valve (BKV2/BKVi2).

The ADCAPure range also includes a competitive range of hygienic and aseptic angle type 2-way and 3-way control valves available from ½” – 4” with ASME BPE clamp ferrules or extended tube (ETO) connections for orbital welding. Models include the PV926H, PV926A and PV928 which are designed for high purity fluids including clean steam, PW, WFI and various compatible pharma process fluids including HFA. We also have a broad range of electro-pneumatic positioners available including ABB, Foxboro, SIPART and EMERSON, alternatively we can fit a positioner of your choice.

The growing range of ADCAPure aseptic safety relief valves (SRV6 and SRV8) are designed for clean steam, liquid and gas applications and are available in sizes ¾” x 1”, 1” x 11/2” and 11/2” x 2”. Options include a pneumatic lifting device, lift indicator and blocking system.

The ADCAPure thermostatic clean steam trap and air vent range gives a competitively priced alternative to some of the other competition on the market. Available with ½”-11/2” ASME BPE clamp ferrule or extended tube (ETO) connections for orbital welding, these clean steam traps are specifically designed for pure and clean steam systems.

ISIS High Purity also supply hygienic and high purity 2-way and 3-way ball valves from various manufacturers. The ADCAPure M3H hygienic and ADCAPure M3HP high purity, 2-way true bore design ball valves are kept ex stock at our facility in Oxfordshire, along with the Valsteam ADCA factory in Portugal and are also available on an express delivery. ISIS also represent other leading ball valve manufacturers including Flowserve where we supply the well-renowned Worcester ball valve range. We also supply other leading valve manufacturers such as IMI PBM valves, with their range including two-way and three-way sanitary/hygienic ball valves and tank bottom valves. We also supply Mars Valves for a more cost effective ball valve solution, where we stock both the industrial and sanitary ranges including the 50SN, 77SN and 36SN series.

Other items in the pipeline ancillaries product group include the VB16C vacuum breaker, the SWS sanitary sight glass, and the SRTV10 and SRTH10 sanitary check valves for vertical (SRTV10) and horizontal (SRTH10) installation. The ADCAPure VB16C vacuum breaker is available with ASME BPE clamp connections and is designed to break vacuum conditions to restore an atmospheric condition. The high VB16C vacuum breaker is ideal for clean and pure steam systems. The SWS sanitary sight glass is available from ½” to 4” and is available with different FDA approved sealing materials including EPDM and FEP (silicone/PTFE). The SRTV10 and SRTH10 (with eccentric connections) are also available from ½” up to 4” and available with EPDM, FEP (Silicone / PTFE) or PTFE sealing materials and are recommended for high purity steam applications.

Special equipment in our offerings include clean steam / culinary steam filters and filters for liquid process and sterile gas applications, where we offer filters housings and filter elements manufactured by both Valsteam ADCA (ADCAPure) and Donaldson Filtration. Models include ISC16, ISC20I, ISH10I, P-EG, P-EGS, PG-EG and PF-EG. Other products include humidity separators for clean steam and other condensable gases, with separators available with horizontal or angled connections. Clean steam injectors for direct steam injection into a vessel are also in our scope of supply, and are a bespoke offering.

Sample coolers are another product from the ADCAPure range where we offer the SC32P sample cooler which is for fixed installation at the point of use, alternatively we offer the SC32PP sample cooler for portable use which is supplied with tripod legs and can be transported easily. The ADCAPure sample coolers act as a heat exchanger which consists of a self draining coil manufactured from 316L stainless steel and are idea for taking samples from clean and pure steam systems, plus WFI and condensable gases.



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