FRECO Flash Steam Heat Recovery Units

With ISIS and Valsteam ADCA working together, we can custom design fabricated skids to your needs. We have recently supplied a FRECO Flash Steam Heat Recovery Unit for an application of 18 Ton/Hour and running at 14barg.

The FRECO Unit is designed to utilize the energy from the returning condensate and increase the boiler feed water temperature to above 100°C +. By placing the FRECO unit after the feed pump, this ensures the usual pump cavitation concerns are eliminated and a much higher boiler feed water temperature can be achieved.

A raise of 6°C in feed water temperature corresponds to a saving of approximately 1% fuel. With the high pressure and flow rate of this application, the custom design FRECO unit was fabricated with Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers bespoke for this application. We can custom design any FRECO Flash Steam Heat Recovery Unit to your floor space and application requirements.

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