leading supplier of fluid control solutions world wide

ISIS Fluid Control has four main divisions, each with its own unique focus and expertise.

The Fluid Power Division is dedicated to providing customers with a comprehensive range of hydraulic components, including valves, couplings, cylinders, and instrumentation. ISIS Fluid Power is also dedicated to serving the process valve market and offers a comprehensive range of manual and actuated valve packages for all types of industry.

Our Energy Division, formerly known as the Oil & Gas Division, delivers highly specialised valve solutions for the off and onshore oil & gas, hydrogen, carbon capture and renewable energy sectors. Leveraging our extensive stock and connections with renowned manufacturers globally, we are able to offer manual and actuated valve packages as well as complete systems from a single source, fully equipped with relevant certifications and documentation.

Our Steam division is a trusted provider of steam and thermal fluid management solutions across diverse industries, such as power generation, chemical processing, and food & beverage. With our team of highly skilled steam system specialists, ISIS Steam brings a wealth of expertise and technical know-how to tackle any steam application, backed by our partner Valsteam Adca.

Finally, the High Purity Division is focused on providing advanced fluid control solutions for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, semiconductor & cosmetic industries.

Our products are engineered to exceed the rigorous demands of various industries, prioritising cleanliness, reliability, and safety in accordance with strict quality control measures ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality products available.